Who Chose The Books of the Bible?

This is my first free eBook. It began as a discussion at a small-group Bible study I was leading. Several people in the group wanted me to give them an overview of where we got the books of the Bible from, why they were included, and why others were left out. I realise this is a question that lots of people have, but it can be difficult to find a simple answer. So I converted that research into a short book. Hope you enjoy it!

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Who Chose the Books of the Bible? (Cover)

Taxation is Slavery

This is my first full-length book, based on the capstone project from my Master of Divinity degree. In it, I make a thorough and detailed case that Scripture presents taxation as a form of slavery. Taxes, according to the Bible, are not a form of insurance and they are not the price we pay to live in a civilised society. They are a moral evil, and they should be eliminated.

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Taxation is Slavery (Cover)